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4.6 Update

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  • Made Repair Kits Unlimited Use
  • Increased Max Backpack Weight To 100lbs
  • Disabled Fatigue System

& Much More!

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New Exile Mod

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New Exile Mod Coming This Week

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4.5 Release

4.5 Release

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Hello all,

After a week of beta testing we are finally up with a pretty solid server. We have a lot of features in this version and it is very stable. After extensive load testing we can say this Altis Life 4.5 Server is 100% stable. Garages work great now, you can buy and sell to your hearts content. The server can stay up for hours thanks to our sql database optimization. Housing is also working just fine.

Known Bugs:

  • Police Air Shop Doesn’t Work
  • Persistent Wanted System

If you know of anymore bugs, we are offering a 125k bug bounty program for all confirmed bugs.

Bug Bounty Form

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4.4 v1 Pre-Release Beta

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Great News!

We are testing our pre-release beta this weekend and upcoming week. Please join us for testing and help us make the server great.

New Features

  • New Police Skins
  • New Police Vehicle Skins
  • Put Up Barriers & Speed Bumps On Main Road In Altis
  • The Altis Square Is Built Up Like Our Other Server From 2015
  • Status Bar
  • Images And Billboards

Server Will Go Live With These Changes Monday The 25th Of January.

So Much More!

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4.4 Pre Release Beta

Category : News

This week we are adding the following features to the server:

  • Ear Plugs
  • Adding In Persistent Wanted System
  • Changing Map Filters To Increase FPS

Website Changes

  • Adding Forums
  • Adding Status Page For Servers
  • Adding Game Tracker Page
  • Adding Register Page

Note: Right now with the current optimizations you can achieve 60+ FPS easily with a GTX 770 or above.

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New Arma 3 Altis Life Server

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Well folks, the new server is just about ready for beta testing. This time around we are taking a different approach. We have setup the new altis life 4.3 base setup on the server. Once a week our community will have a chance to vote on a new script or feature for the dev team to add. Please check back for more updates.



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