4.4 v1 Pre-Release Beta

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4.4 v1 Pre-Release Beta

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Great News!

We are testing our pre-release beta this weekend and upcoming week. Please join us for testing and help us make the server great.

New Features

  • New Police Skins
  • New Police Vehicle Skins
  • Put Up Barriers & Speed Bumps On Main Road In Altis
  • The Altis Square Is Built Up Like Our Other Server From 2015
  • Status Bar
  • Images And Billboards

Server Will Go Live With These Changes Monday The 25th Of January.

So Much More!

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4.4 Pre Release Beta

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This week we are adding the following features to the server:

  • Ear Plugs
  • Adding In Persistent Wanted System
  • Changing Map Filters To Increase FPS

Website Changes

  • Adding Forums
  • Adding Status Page For Servers
  • Adding Game Tracker Page
  • Adding Register Page

Note: Right now with the current optimizations you can achieve 60+ FPS easily with a GTX 770 or above.

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New Arma 3 Altis Life Server

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Well folks, the new server is just about ready for beta testing. This time around we are taking a different approach. We have setup the new altis life 4.3 base setup on the server. Once a week our community will have a chance to vote on a new script or feature for the dev team to add. Please check back for more updates.



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